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When Is a Toothache an Emergency?

November 19, 2022 8:26 pm

Have you started to notice an unusual sensation in one of your teeth? This pain could come and go, sometimes distracting you from what you’re doing. You may be wondering if the annoying feeling will go away as time passes or if it will just get worse. Or perhaps you have already waited to the point that the pain is excruciating and debilitating.

Determining If Your Toothache Is a Dental Emergency

It is not always easy determining on your own whether you have an emergency dental situation on your hands. There are many different reasons why you could be feeling pain in a tooth, from a small crack to an infection in the root.

If you have felt a toothache for more than a day or two, it is a good idea to seek emergency dental care. You should also seek immediate dental care if the pain you’re feeling is so severe that you can’t concentrate on anything else, you see pus or a bubble of tissue near the tooth, or you’re feeling nauseous and/or feverish.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat a Toothache

Like with many dental-related problems, the underlying cause of tooth pain will only get worse without treatment. When the issue becomes more severe, that generally means that the treatment is going to be more invasive and expensive too. Err on the early side and let a professional take a look as soon as possible. Acting sooner rather than later can save you pain, time, and money!

Jonesboro Emergency Dentist

If you have a bad toothache and need emergency dental care, call Dickson Family Dental right now! As part of our comprehensive dental services, we provide emergency dentistry at our dental practice in Jonesboro, AR. Our experienced team is ready to get you back to a pain-free smile.

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