Full & Partial Dentures
in Jonesboro, AR

Missing teeth can take a toll on your oral health as well as your confidence. Whether you have a single missing tooth or many missing teeth, it’s important to get in touch with your local Jonesboro dentist to find the right solution for your unique situation. To learn more about our custom denture services, please contact our office. We’d love to help you restore the appearance and functionality of your smile!

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illustration of a set of partial dentures

What are the three types of dentures?

Dickson Family Dental Care offers three different types of dentures to meet the needs of many different patients. Our denture options include:

  • Partial Dentures — Used to fill in the gaps in a patient’s smile caused by one or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are secured by clipping onto nearby teeth.
  • Full Dentures — Full dentures replace all of the teeth on one arch, either all of the top teeth or bottom teeth. They rest on top of the gums and can be secured with denture adhesive.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures — Implant-supported dentures combine the benefits of dental implants with dentures, restoring many teeth at once and attaching to strategically placed dental implants.
dentist and patient discussing dentures

What is the process for receiving custom dentures?

The process for receiving custom dentures involves several steps. First, a comprehensive examination of your oral health is conducted, followed by impressions and measurements of your mouth to ensure a precise fit. Any necessary extractions or preliminary treatments are also scheduled and performed. Next, the impressions are used to create a wax model for you to try, allowing for adjustments to ensure proper fit and comfort. Once the final dentures are crafted, they are placed and adjusted as needed. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to ensure optimal fit, function, and comfort.

person holding a set of dentures

Who is eligible for dentures?

Eligibility typically depends on the overall health of your gums and any remaining teeth, as well as having sufficient jawbone density to support a denture. Patients who are interested in receiving custom dentures should also be committed to taking great care of their teeth, gums, and dental restorations and be generally healthy. If it’s determined that a patient does not have adequate jawbone tissue to support an implant, bone graft procedures can sometimes be used to restore jawbone health and make dentures an option.

Want to learn more about dentures and our other restorative options? Contact our office today to learn more and schedule your consultation.

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