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Do I Need a Nightguard for Bruxism?

May 23, 2023 8:26 am

Do you often wake up with a sore jaw or headache? You may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth in your sleep, a condition called bruxism that can have unfortunate side effects. Luckily, wearing a nightguard can protect your teeth and jaw and prevent damage and discomfort.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is when you regularly grind your teeth together. This can occur during the day, especially if you are feeling stressed out or angry, but more often involuntarily happens at night when you are asleep and can’t control your muscles. Left untreated, bruxism can result in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and broken, chipped, and sensitive teeth.

What are the symptoms of bruxism?

A telltale clue that you are suffering from bruxism is if you experience regular soreness in your jaw or neck. This discomfort is directly related to your muscles tensing up and your teeth rubbing together. Another sign is excessive wear and tear of your teeth. If you share a bed with someone, they may even be able to hear you tapping your teeth together or clenching your jaw.

How can I treat bruxism?

One way to mitigate the effects of bruxism is to wear a custom-fitted nightguard when you sleep. This plastic dental appliance serves as a barrier and cushion between your upper and lower teeth to prevent wear and tear. We also recommend looking into ways to reduce your stress, such as yoga, meditation, and decreasing caffeine.

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